Chan BBQ – Cheap BBQ Stingray That’ll Set Your Tastebuds Ablaze In A Good Way

1 December
Chan BBQ Collage

There is no doubt that traditional hawker food will always be the ultimate source of comfort for us Singaporeans and if there’s one dish in particular that always gets us excited, it’s a hot, sizzling plate of barbecued sambal stingray. There are plenty of places all over the island that sells it and most times you’ll find that they taste pretty similar, but here’s a place that really packs a solid punch.

Located in the popular Bedok 85 Fengshan Centre, Chan BBQ is where you can find a considerably delicious rendition of this classic hawker dish. They specialise in an array of barbecued delights, of which one of the most popular is the sambal stingray which boasts good portions and surprisingly affordable prices.

Chan BBQ Stingray 1

Served on a banana leaf to give it an extra aroma and on a sizzling hotplate, diners will be impressed by the dish right from the first glance. Coated with a generous serving of sambal sauce, dive right in with your fork to reveal a sizeable portion of fresh, tender stingray.

We opted for the smallest portion (S$10) available and for the price, we must say that this dish isn’t just hearty but one that is value-for-money as well.

Chan BBQ Stingray 2

Fresh, tender and smoky, the barbecued stingray meat was impressive on its own but having it with the sambal paste atop only served to accentuate the flavours of the dish. Squeeze the lime over for an extra zesty flavour and we promise that you are in for a treat!

Chan BBQ also offers their sambal stingray in 3 other larger sizes (S$12/15/20) should you be in a larger group or simply want more to fill your tummy.

Chan BBQ Exterior

Other items you can look forward to, include the Sambal Pineapple Fried RIce (S$5/8/10), Spicy Kang Kong (S$6/8/10) and Hotplate Cockles (S$10/12/15).

Chan BBQ
85 Fengshan Centre #01-24
85 Bedok North Road
Singapore 460089
Daily: 5pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Bedok

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