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Chan BBQ – Cheap BBQ Stingray That’ll Set Your Tastebuds Ablaze In A Good Way

1 December

There is no doubt that traditional hawker food will always be the ultimate source of comfort for us Singaporeans and if there’s one dish in particular that always gets us excited, it’s a hot, sizzling plate of barbecued sambal stingray. There are plenty of places all over the island that sells it and most times you’ll find that they taste...

Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian – Bowl Of Pure Soupy Comfort Worth Travelling To Bedok For

30 November

A combination of springy egg noodles, tender minced pork, a rich, savoury broth and a generous amount of crispy pork lard is what sums up a satisfying bowl of bak chor mee (minced meat noodles). It is one of those foods that you can have almost any time of the day and it is one of the most iconic dishes as far...

Chai Chee Kway Chap – Solid Kway Chap At Only S$3.40 You Must-Try When In Bedok

6 November

One thing that many of us Singaporeans love to indulge in is some good-old kway chap. This sinful yet satisfying dish is a popular favourite that is sold at multiple hawker centres all over Singapore. Despite looking so simple, a dish like kway chap is not easy to prepare. It requires a lot of tedious preparation such as proper cleaning of...