8 Must-Try Hawker Dishes In Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre

23 March
Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre Featured Image

When it comes to comfort food, nothing comes close to hawker fare if you’re a true-blue Singaporean. Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre is home to numerous food stalls serving up spectacular renditions of local delights that can rival their popular neighbour, Bedok 85 Fengshan Centre. But while its dinner and suppertime counterpart caters more towards the evening crowd, the former is much more skewered towards the breakfast and lunch crowd.

From lip-smacking nasi ayam goreng, mee rebus to one of the best renditions of fishball noodles you can find on the island, here are 8 stalls in Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre you seriously need to check out.

Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake


The black carrot cake (S$3) over at Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake is exactly what we’d imagine a plate of messy, delicious goodness to be. For those who love the sweetness of black fried carrot cake, then Song Zhou’s rendition surely will not disappoint.

Fried together with plenty of egg and sweet dark sauce, every morsel of the soft radish cake is coated in sweet, savoury and sticky goodness. A fair warning is that the caramelisation on the edges of each piece makes this dish extremely addictive such that you’d be wiping the plate clean within seconds!

Stall #01-37
Tel: 9684 3555
Mon to Sat: 6.30am – 8pm
(Closed on Sundays)

Bedok Interchange Chwee Kueh


Made fresh daily there and then, the Chwee Kueh (S$0.50/pc) at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre is immensely popular especially during breakfast timings. What sets this chwee kueh stall apart from others in Singapore is their size—relative to those we typically get, we dare say that the chwee kueh here is larger and more substantial.

Though this might not take the cake as the best we’ve had, it is certainly a decent one that will satisfy any chwee kueh cravings.

Stall #01-19
Tue to Sun: 6.30am – 9.30pm
(Closed on Mondays)

Hock Hai Curry Chicken Noodles


One of the most popular stalls in this hawker centre and definitely one that warrants several return-trips for is Hock Hai Curry Chicken Noodle. Their curry chicken noodle (S$4/5/6) comes with chunks of chicken, tau pok and silky smooth bee hoon doused in a light, drinkable curry gravy that has a sweet aftertaste.

We absolutely adore how they used chicken thigh in their servings, making this sinful and fragrant dish even more delightful to gobble down.

Stall #01-58
Daily: 9am – 11pm

Inspirasi Mee Rebus


A hot-favourite amongst our Muslim friends is Inspirasi, a humble, unpretentious stall that whips up back-to-basics Malay food at super affordable prices that you can’t get elsewhere.

Their Mee Rebus (S$2.50) sees yellow noodles, bean sprouts, boiled egg and greens—a pretty standard rendition but one that reminds of home. We’d recommend heading to the stall early if you want to try out their food as queues get insanely long once they open their shutters!

Stall #01-11
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 9.30pm
Sun: 9.30am – 11pm

Jefri Chicken Rice


Another Muslim-friendly stall at the hawker centre that sees a line of loyal patrons on a daily basis is Jefri The Original Botak Chicken Rice.

The Nasi Goreng Ayam (S$3.50) is hands-down one of the best we’ve had to date. Each bright orange grain of rice is coated thinly by a mildly fiery sauce, and nestled on top of it is a decent portion of tender, succulent chicken glistening with a thick, gossy sheen.

Stall #01-07
Daily: 10am – 10pm

Kin Khao Thai Sambal Fried Rice


No matter what cuisine it is that you’re are craving for, most hawker centres in Singapore would likely have a stall dedicated to it and Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre is no exception.

Tucked away in the corner of the hawker centre is Kin Khao Yang, which dishes out a wide array of Thai grub. Try out their Thai Style Balacan Fried Rice (S$6), which boasts hefty notes of wok hei and multiple textures from its various ingredients which go hand-in-hand in making this comfort food a pleasant one to have.

Stall #01-02
Daily: 10.30am – 10pm

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice


A household name when it comes to chicken rice, Pin Xiang Chicken Rice is popular amongst the crowd for good reason. With over 30 years in history, this stall pushes out solid plates of Hainanese chicken rice that you ought to try.

Their roasted chicken rice set (S$3.50) comes with a plate of rice that bursts with a fragrant and distinct aroma of chicken oil, a small bowl of soup and of course, succulent, tender pieces of chicken that come soaked in a savoury and slightly sweet soya sauce.

Stall #01-03
Daily: 9.30am – 9.30pm

Teo's Noodles


If you’re thinking, “how good can fishball noodles possibly get?”, then Teo’s Noodles is a stall you must make a point to try ASAP.

Their fishball noodles (S$3) may appear unassuming upon the first inspection, but mix it up with their tangy black vinegar and expect no less than a flavour bomb in your mouth. We particularly appreciate that the noodles were not clumpy—rather, the bowl of noodles boasts a QQ, bouncy texture which makes this humble dish a seriously impressive one.

Stall #01-26
Mon & Tue: 6am – 1.30pm
Wed, Fri & Sat: 6am – 1pm
(Closed on Thursdays & Sundays)

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