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Sisaket Thai Food – Cheap Thai Food In Maxwell Market That’s Pure Aroi Mak

26 October

There’s that decades-old debate about the Singlish and Malaysian definition of shiok vs syok, but whether you prefer to interpret it as a term of approval, or just to mean cheap, Sisaket Thai Food delivers on both fronts to bring you one of the most satisfying Thai food out there. While the first store is tucked away in a corner...

Nana Original Thai Food – Food So Original It Feels Like You Are In Thailand

8 August

When it comes to Thai food, there are just so many varieties and styles to choose from, with dishes such as the classic tom yum that may be executed differently depending on which particular region you have it in. With 3 outlets scattered around the city, Nana Original Thai Food serves one of the best and most authentic Thai dishes...

Chang Thai – Affordable & Hearty Thai Fare In Hougang [CLOSED]

5 October

When it comes to Thai food, every single ingredient plays a vital role. Simple as the cuisine may seem, it actually requires a lot of skill and the final products are often a complex marriage of tastes and flavours. Thai food is all about balancing the right amount of sweet, sour, spicy, salty and aromatics, and few do it quite...