Dee Tongue Thai By Rang Mama – Authentic Thai Food In Golden Mile Complex That Can Rival Nakhon’s

1 March
Dee Tongue Thai COver Photo

When people mention places to get affordable yet incredibly delicious Thai food, popular Nakhon usually springs to mind. The queues, however, are insanely off-putting.

Hankering for authentic Thai food that’s both affordable and lip-smacking delicious? Dee Tongue Thai is a no-frills Thai eatery run by Thais, meaning that their food comes close to the actual flavours of Thailand. We particularly love that they don’t tamper with the recipes much in hopes of catering to local palates, resulting in food that will most certainly blow your head off but will leave you very satisfied.

Dee Tongue Thai Exterior

Their nondescript eatery is tucked away in a quiet corner of Golden Mile Complex but given how popular it has become, it won’t be hard to locate.

Basil Chicken Rice Dee Tongue Thai

We first tried their Stir-Fried Chicken with Basil Leaves and Rice. For just S$6, you get a generous serving of fragrant basil chicken that is packed full of flavour and really hits the spot. We also appreciate how tender the chicken flesh remained even after it had been stir-fried.

If you like to have your basil chicken rice with a runny egg, you can always top up a dollar for one! We like how the egg gives the dish a creamier texture.

Dee Tongue Thai Pork Omelette

There is something oh-so-addictive about Thai omelettes and despite how sinful they are with all that oil used, we can’t help but order them every time we visit a Thai restaurant.

The Thai Pork Omelette (S$10) here at Dee Tongue Thai is the definition of guilty pleasure. The egg and pork are deep fried in a copious amount of oil, resulting in an incredibly crispy and crunchy omelette that is hard to resist. The portion sizes are also massive and one omelette can easily feed three to four people.

Dee Tongue Thai Tom Yum Soup

It would be a sin to go down to a Thai restaurant and not try their tom yum soup. The Clear Tom Yum Seafood soup (S$12) here tastes like the real deal and each bowl comes chock-full of delicious goodies such as squid, prawns and oyster mushrooms.

The soup itself had a decent amount of heat to it without being overpowering and it also had a nice tangy flavour. A small pot here is enough to feed two to three people and for its price point, it definitely is very worth it.

Dee Tongue Thai By Rang Mama
5001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Complex, #02-33
Singapore 199588
Tel: +65 8152 8821
Daily: 11am – 12am
Nearest Station: Nicoll Highway

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