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Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre — A Hidden Food Gem In Chinese Garden

4 January

Yuhua Market and Hawker Centre is tucked away in a crevice at Chinese Garden near its MRT station. The place may be small, but it is bursting with stalls that serve up an array of delicious and affordable local food. From cheap xiao long bao to sinful bowls of laksa, here are our top 7 stalls here at Yuhua Market and...

Shi Xiang Ge – Handmade Noodles By Ex-Crystal Jade La Mian Director In Bishan

24 October

Conveniently located at level 2 of Bishan Bus Interchange, Shi Xiang Ge is an unpretentious la mian and dumpling stall that’s opened by an ex-Crystal Jade La Mian Director. Specialising in handmade noodles and a myriad of Sichuan-style dishes, this stall is quite possibly our new favourite spot in Bishan for delectable and comforting noodle bowls. Prior to our visit, we...

10 Places In Orchard Where You Can Spend Less Than S$10 For A Meal

1 August

Orchard is one of the busiest districts in Singapore, known for being home to major fashion labels and exciting street performances. Yet for students and those on a budget, dining in town can prove to be a burden on your wallet. Most restaurants and cafes in the vicinity would set you back at more than S$20 per person for a...