Ah Wei Jing Dian — Very Decent Xiao Long Bao At 75 Cents A Dumpling

19 January
ah wei jing xiao long bao

Nothing gets us excited the way a steaming-hot bamboo basket of xiao long bao can. Better yet, ones that are both affordable, hand-made and guarantee perfection every single time.

We recently paid a visit to Yuhua Market & Food Centre all the way in the far West where we discovered, Ah Wei Jing Dian, a humble hawker stall that dishes out hand-pulled la mian, an assortment of dumplings and perhaps one of the more decent xiao long bao we’ve ever tried at its price point.

ah wei jing dian xiao long bao sign

The stall is easy to find, all you have to do is to look out for their large signboard which has all their available dishes clearly displayed for easy reference.

ah wei jing dian xiao long bao

A basket of their mouthwatering xiao long baos costs S$4.50 for 6 juicy pieces. That’s just 75 cents per piece!

The ratio of skin to filling was perfect, and we love how the dumpling skin was neither too thick nor thin. After biting into the dumpling, a generous amount of savoury, warm soup gushed out into our mouths. The meat was also tender and incredibly juicy. Overall, we felt that it did not quite match up to the ones made in upmarket Chinese restaurants but considering how affordable it is, we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of their dumplings.


We also tried their La Mian With Fried Black Bean Sauce. For just S$3.50, you get a generous bowl of noodles that is coated in a copious amount of thick, black sauce. The noodles were delightfully springy and well cooked. However, the sauce fell short of our expectations. It was just too salty and overwhelming, and we had a hard time finishing the dish.

Despite that, we really recommend that you come down to Ah Wei Jing Dian for your xiao long bao fix. They also have a number of other classic Chinese dishes that you can try out.

Ah Wei Jing Dian
347 Jurong East Avenue 1, #01-220
Singapore 600347
Daily: 6am – 8.30pm
Nearest Station: Chinese Garden

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