Niu Zou La Mian Muslim Food – Halal Beef Hand-pulled Noodles From S$5

6 May
Niu Zou La Mian

It is Musa’s first time out of China and he left his hometown, Gan Su, after the passing of his father to open Niu Zou La Mian Muslim Food. As a Muslim himself, coming to racially diverse Singapore was liberating.

With the aim to bring Singaporeans—our Muslim friends in particular—an authentic taste of China, Musa set up a humble hawker stall in the corner of Food Point coffee shop in Ubi, doling out halal la mian (hand-pulled noodles).

Niu Zou Musa

We got his signature Lan Zhou Beef Ramen (S$5) and watched him knead the dough and ready the noodles. Liberal spoonfuls of chopped spring onions and celery were thrown in before he served us our order in an unexpectedly heavy Chinese ceramic bowl.

Niu Zou Noodles

Give yours a good stir before tucking in. What struck us first was the rich beefy flavour from the broth with notes of Chinese spices that were neither too overpowering nor inappreciable. The slices of beef were well marbled and thinly sliced, making them so soft that they easily tore apart when we pulled them up for a mouthful.

We were absolutely delighted to find a generous amount of noodles along with the huge helping of marbled beef. The strands of ramen had a uniform thickness which attested to his skills that he had picked up before moving to our shores, while the soup was enhanced by dried chilli flakes and chilli oil which made them a delight to slurp up.

Niu Zou La Mian Beef Stew

We also had Beef Stewed Noodles (S$8) which was less intense in flavour in comparison to the former bowl but delicious nonetheless. It uses the same hand-pulled la mian but it came in a lighter broth that carried the taste of the carrots and greens in it. Unlike the first bowl, it had black fungus too. Although the beef slices were thicker and leaner which made them chewier, they were not tough.

Niu Zou Musa 2

From the owner himself down to the quality of food and its presentation, Musa and his stall is a gem. You can watch him in action when Niu Zou La Mian opens at 11am, but he will only start selling Lan Zhou Beef Ramen and Beef Stewed Noodles at noon with the rest of his dishes from 2pm onwards. Expect a short wait especially because his noodles are hand-pulled to order.

Niu Zou La Mian Muslim Food
325 Ubi Avenue 1
Food Point Food Court
Singapore 408325
Daily: 11am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Ubi

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