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Millennium Glutinous Rice — Rare Stall In Singapore Selling Sweet & Savoury Glutinous Rice

20 March

You know a dish is endangered when allegedly only two hawker stalls across the whole nation sell it. Overshadowed by more well-known dishes, such as lor mai kai and lotus leaf-wrapped rice, is the sweet and savoury glutinous rice. Savoury glutinous rice was originally a Cantonese delicacy that sees lightly-salted glutinous rice topped with stewed peanuts and wispy fried shallots....

Niu Zou La Mian Muslim Food – Halal Beef Hand-pulled Noodles From S$5

6 May

It is Musa’s first time out of China and he left his hometown, Gan Su, after the passing of his father to open Niu Zou La Mian Muslim Food. As a Muslim himself, coming to racially diverse Singapore was liberating. With the aim to bring Singaporeans—our Muslim friends in particular—an authentic taste of China, Musa set up a humble hawker stall in...

Xiao Long Bao Guide – 8 Hawkers In Singapore That Can Fight With DTF

22 February

Whether you’re someone who knocks back xiao long baos by the baskets or someone that’s keen to try it without having to splurge, we’ve come up with a list of 8 hawker stalls in Singapore that serve xiao long bao that is on par, if not, better than some top Chinese restaurants. There are some real-deal, restaurant-quality dumplings that you...