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Pin Xiang Hainanese Chicken Rice – Value-For-Money Chicken Rice With Generous Portions

26 August

What differentiates memorable chicken rice from a forgettable one is well-cooked chicken, fragrant chicken rice, and sharp and spicy chilli. But Pin Xiang Hainanese Chicken Rice in Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre has more to offer with a story of resilience behind it. The owner, Madam Tan, went from stay-at-home-Mum to an entrepreneur at age 60. It was after surviving two failed hawker ventures selling...

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice – Chicken Rice at Katong That Comes With Free-Flow Achar

13 June

Those who live around the Katong area, chances are you grew up eating this chicken rice. Hidden inside the food court at the basement of Katong Shopping Centre is Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice. Don’t be fooled by the quiet exterior of this old shopping mall, the food court is constantly packed during meal times and this chicken rice stall enjoys...

Jefri – Muslim-Friendly “Orange” Chicken Rice In Bedok

9 April

Chicken rice survives the endurance test in terms of being one of Singapore’s national favourites. There is no shortage of it being served hot, fragrant and tender for enjoyment but aside from the most convenient stall-next-door, it’s difficult to agree on which cook did it right—because many of them do. For Easties though, Jefri – The Original Botak Chicken Rice serves an interesting variation of the...