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Kueh & Mee – New Cafe Serving Nonya Kueh & Peranakan Noodles in Republic Plaza Singapore

6 December

Newly opened at the revamped Republic Plaza basement is Kueh & Mee. This humble stall’s food will transport you to a paradise that feels like just like home. They specialize in homely, nostalgic dishes and traditional hand-crafted Nonya kuehs that are the perfect meal if you need a mid-week pick me up or a simple, comforting meal.

Ayman-Alam Desserts — This Muslim-Friendly Dessert Stall Has Only One Item On Their Menu

10 May

Singapore is home to a plethora of different desserts; from traditional bowls of ice kachang to contemporary ones such as Korean bingsu, there is something out there for everyone. When it comes to traditional desserts, one of our absolute favourites is a comforting bowl of cheng tng. This old school favourite is essentially a sweet soup that is chock full...

Patisseries Vine – Artisanal Macaron Shop In A Zi Char Stall Run By A 20 Year Old

12 January

Tucked away in an odd corner of a local Chinese eatery, along rows and rows of shophouses and coffee shops, it’s almost way too easy to miss this unassuming shop, even if you’re actively looking out for it. A humble display cabinet placed outside a glass window kitchen is the only indication that it’s there. At the age of 20,...

Ren Ren — Ambrosial Desserts Hidden In The Basement Of Siglap Centre

18 December

After a long, tiring day at work, the one thing that we look forward to is some good dessert to sweeten up the mood. Therefore, we are always on the hunt for places that sell solid desserts so that we know where to run to when we need a little pick me up. Hidden away in the basement of Siglap...

75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup – Little Balls Of Happiness For Only $2.80

15 December

Tang Yuan—also known as Glutinous Rice Dumplings—is a Chinese dessert traditionally eaten during the Winter Solstice. It is made from glutinous rice flour that is mixed with a sprinkle of water shaped into a ball that encases different types of fillings such as peanut paste and sesame paste and then allowed to cook in a sweetened soup. Nowadays, it is...

99 Old Trees – The Most Legit Durian Mousse Ever

20 November

Perhaps it’s one of Singaporeans’ biggest pity that durians aren’t in season all year round. Sure enough, there might be durian cafes to help tide us through, but more often than not the prices are far from wallet-friendly. 99 Old Trees, known for their farm-to-table durians and durian delivery service, have now crafted the most decadent Durian Mousse to give...

Cereal Citizen – Neighbourhood Cereal Café With Incredible “Crododos” You Must Try

29 April

Cereal cafés first shot to fame when London’s Cereal Killer Café went viral on the internet. Ever since the fad first came about, we have been dying to visit a cereal-centric café. Of course, the sceptics in us were rolling our eyes at paying way more money than we should for boxed cereal and milk, but nevertheless, we wanted to...