Kueh & Mee – New Cafe Serving Nonya Kueh & Peranakan Noodles in Republic Plaza Singapore

6 December
cover kueh & mee

Newly opened at the revamped Republic Plaza basement is Kueh & Mee. This humble stall’s food will transport you to a paradise that feels like just like home. They specialize in homely, nostalgic dishes and traditional hand-crafted Nonya kuehs that are the perfect meal if you need a mid-week pick me up or a simple, comforting meal.

 nasi lemak kueh & mee

First up at the table was their Nasi Lemak. The simple dish consists of a juicy chicken drumstick, fried chilli ikan-bilis and peanuts, a sliced egg and a house chilli paste. We loved how tender the chicken was and eaten together with the spicy yet sweet chilli paste, it made for a really rustic dish that anyone can enjoy!

pandan cake

If you have a penchant for local desserts, you should try their lighter-than-clouds Pandan Chiffon cake. This cake is so simple yet executed to perfection. Soft and fluffy chiffon is infused with natural pandan flavour and it simply perfumes your tastebuds when you taste this cake.

kueh & mee ondeh ondeh cake

Another cake that stole the limelight was the Ondeh Ondeh Cake. Pandan sponge is layered with fresh coconut-infused cream, sweet gula melaka and copious amounts of dessicated coconut for that extra “oomph”. Similar in texture to the pandan chiffon, the cake was light and airy, pairing well with the smooth whipped cream sandwiched between it.

kueh compilation kueh & mee

They also serve up a wide variety of hand-made traditional kuehs that you can snack on – think Kueh Dada, Lopis, Rainbow Kueh and Bandung Kueh! They’re all super affordable and delicious – the kind that you bring home to share with your parents and family members.

drinks kueh & mee

Don’t forget to have a cup of freshly brewed kopi or teh to complement your meal!

9 Raffles Place
Republic Plaza #B1-20
Singapore 048619
Mon to Fri: 7.30am – 8.30pm
(Closed on Weekends)
Nearest Station: Raffles Place

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