New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice – Tender Duck with Amazing Braised Sauce at Alexandra Village

4 March

Alexandra Village Food Centre is one of the best hawker centres in Singapore with endless, delicious hawker fare.

Other than the popular speciality meat stalls such as Xiang Ji’s Soy Sauce Chicken Rice and Lau Phua Chay Authentic Roast Meat, there’s a really good Teochew braised duck rice stall that is worth checking out. If you love braised duck, you definitely have to try New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice at Alexandra Village Food Centre.

Warning: The queue starts even before this stall opens for business, so get ready to brave the crowds!

Teochew Braised Duck Alexandra Village

We went for the Duck Rice (S$6), that comes with a bowl of white rice and a plate of boneless duck meat.

Each piece of the braised duck was skilfully sliced to a perfect thickness, resulting in melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. The lack of bones made them easy to pop into the mouth and we appreciated the lack of a strong gamey taste. The skin had a good layer of fat underneath that added a nice chewiness to each bite.

New Market Teochew Braised Duck Alexandra Village

What really stood out was the braising sauce. It wass unlike the usual sticky, starchy and thick sauce from most duck rice stalls in Singapore. Their sauce was dark in colour and slightly oily with a liquid consistency. But it was robust in flavour, having a slight bitterness from the herbs, on top of the savouriness from the dark soya sauce.

It was so, so good. You could give us a bowl of white rice with just the braising sauce and we would be happy to finish it all, even without the meat. We really cleared every bit of the sauce from the plate.

New Market Teochew Braised Duck Stall Front Alexandra Village

For a great plate of braised duck rice, we would definitely recommend this stall. While it is not the cheapest food you can get from a hawker centre, you are paying for the quality, hard work and time that the owners spent years to master this.

Pro-tip: To avoid snaking queues, be there slightly earlier than their operating hours, or visit after lunchtime.

120 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-84, Alexandra Village Food Centre
Singapore 150120
Sat to Wed: 11am to 4pm
(Closed on Thursdays and Fridays)

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