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10 Lu Rou Fan In Singapore We Really Lu-rou-ve

11 December

Lu Rou Fan (滷肉饭) is one of the most beloved Taiwanese comfort foods that works wonders whenever we are feeling a little under the weather, or even on a regular basis when we are looking to for a satisfying meal to sate our ravishing hunger. A simple dish which is put together with braised marinated pork and steamed rice, Lu Rou...

Wakon Ramen – Tasty Ramen Starting From S$4 By Chef Franky Lee

26 September

One thing that we can all agree on is how delicious and affordable ramen in Japan is. It is also one of the main reasons why many would travel all the way there because more often than not, the standard of ramen in Singapore does not match what you would find in Japan. And there is the hefty price tag, too....

Small Potatoes Ice Creamery – Luxurious Golden Soft-Serve Ice Cream

11 September

Have you ever seen gold leaf wrapped ice cream on Instagram or Facebook before? This brilliant idea originated from Kinkakuji, Japan, and it is basically the #nextlevel ice cream that you need to have for yourself. The idea is simple; a classic ice cream cone is wrapped in a thin year gold leaf. Yes, it may seem a tad ridiculous...