The Living Room Eating House — Minimalistic Cafe Damn Good Bee Hoon & Mee Sua

19 December
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The cafe scene in Singapore is always changing and it is not uncommon to find new cafes popping up all over our sunny little island.  However, the last place that we thought that we would ever find a cafe at is in a community club.

Located inside of Leng Kee Community Club at Redhill is The Living Room House, a minimalistic, unpretentious cafe that serves up an array of simple yet surprisingly scrumptious local delights— worlds apart from what you would typically expect a hipster cafe to sell.

Here, you can expect an array of classic local dishes such as nasi lemak, mee siam, prawn noodles, economic fried bee hoon and mee sua.

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Based solely on the interior decor, we assumed that the cafe was a classy place that served up your typical, overpriced cafe fare. However, to our surprise, The Living Room House serves up some pretty affordable, local food that will not break the bank.

The clean, minimalistic interior makes for a very cosy, inviting setting that is great for get-togethers with friends, study sessions or just some much-needed alone time.

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We started off with a plate of their Fried Popiah (S$2). The popiahs here were pretty massive, so for just S$2, you really get a bang for your buck.

The popiahs were chock full of crunchy vegetables and we appreciate how the popiah was not too oily despite it having been deep-fried.

The Living Room Eating House Economic Fried Bee Hoon

Next up, we tried their Economic Fried Bee Hoon. The base price for just the bee hoon was just a dollar and subsequently, if you want to add any other ingredients, you just had to top up the respective amounts. Some of the ingredients available were chicken wings (S$1.50), luncheon meat (S$0.60), vegetables (S$0.70), chicken cutlet (S$1.80) and fried egg (S$0.70).

We love how the bee hoon here was cooked just right—springy, moist and not too oily. Out of all of the ingredients we ordered, we liked the chicken cutlet the most. The chicken was fried to a nice golden crisp and did not turn soggy fast even if you leave it out for quite some time.

The Living Room Eating House Mee Sua

The one dish that we were really looking forward to was their Signature Mee Sua (S$6.50) and it definitely did not disappoint. This bowl of goodness was generously filled with to the brim with tender pork ribs, crunchy bean sprouts and tender mee sua.

The Living Room Eating House Mee Sua Lift

The mee sua had a very strong prawn aroma and it was evident that they had used a good bit of prawn stock whilst creating this dish. The prawn stock coupled with the pork ribs definitely played a huge part in making the broth incredibly rich and robust, and we love how the noodles soaked up all that goodness.

The Living Room Eating House Mee Sua Pork Rib

We also love how the of the pork ribs, noodles and bean sprouts worked well together, balancing flavour and crunch nicely. However, do take note that the noodles do get soggy pretty fast, so eat it while it’s fresh!

Overall, The Living Room Eating Place definitely exceeded our expectations and we can see ourselves coming back here again for their cosy ambience and scrumptious food.

The Living Room Eating House
400 Lengkok Bahru, #01-01
Singapore 159049
Tue to Sun: 7.30am – 5.30am
(Closed on Mondays)
Nearest Station: Redhill

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