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10 Places In Orchard Where You Can Spend Less Than S$10 For A Meal

1 August

Orchard is one of the busiest districts in Singapore, known for being home to major fashion labels and exciting street performances. Yet for students and those on a budget, dining in town can prove to be a burden on your wallet. Most restaurants and cafes in the vicinity would set you back at more than S$20 per person for a...

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food—Authentic Korean Food That Is Daebak!

19 April

Situated in Concorde Hotel, Kim Dae Mun serves us tasty and authentic Korean food without burning a hole in your wallet. Avid fans of Korean cuisine will fall head over heels for this restaurant—with prices mostly below S$10, Kim Dae Mun Korean Food is affordable for the masses with substantial portions. If you happen to be around town and are...

Yakiniku Jan Jan – Japanese Yakiniku in Orchard Road With Premium Wagyu Beef

4 October

Indulging in premium Japanese meats is a fantasy for all meat lovers—just thinking of the tender meat melting in our mouths is enough to get us salivating. Life would be great if we could indulge in high-quality Japanese meat every day, but that is going to cost a bomb and the last we checked, our last name isn’t Kardashian. But...