JB Ah Swa Authentic JB Fishball Noodles – New JB-Style Fishball Noodles in Tiong Bahru

31 May
Jb Ah Swa Food

The main difference between Singapore-style fishball noodles and Malaysian-style fishball noodles is primarily the sauces that are used in the dried variations. The former is usually served with chilli, vinegar and ketchup. However, the latter is usually served tossed in dark sauce and lard, creating a more savoury taste.

JB Ah Swa Authentic JB Fishball Noodles is a brand-new food stall that just opened up in the coffeeshop beside Tiong Bahru Plaza. The originator of these famous fishball noodles is Auntie Mei, who owns a popular and humble stall in Johor Bahru. The owners of JB Ah Swa were so impressed by her fresh fish cakes and fishballs that they decided to bring it over to Singapore.

This is probably the first of its kind here in Singapore as most of the fishball noodles stalls around our island are usually done local-style. We were delighted to see such a unique and refreshing take on classic fishball noodles just around the corner.

Ah Swa Tiong Bahru

JB Ah Swa has a simple menu, their regular noodle set goes for S$4.20, dry or soup. Each set comes with your choice of noodles with options such as thin kway teow, yellow noodles and mee tai mak. Every bowl comes topped with their signature “black” fish cakes, fish wantons, beancurd skin with an accompanying soup of fishballs, radish and carrots. Each set is sure to fill you up nicely.

Ah Swa Noodle Set

We opted for the dry version with yellow noodles and kway teow as it came tossed with unique black sauce and lard. We especially loved the savoury taste of the black sauce that coats each noodle perfectly.

Ah Swa Noodles

The added lard is a bonus and it elevated the overall taste of each bite. The accompanying soup is light and refreshing, unlike your regular msg-filled noodle soup.

Ah Swa Fishball Soup

However, we enjoyed their fresh fishballs the most. Each fishball contains 100% fish meat with no added flour and preservatives so they aren’t as plump or silky as a generic factory-made fishball. We actually liked that each fishball is a little rougher on the edges and of different sizes as they hand-squeeze every ball instead of using a machine.

Ah Swa Fish Wantons

While each noodle set comes with fish wantons, we enjoyed them so much that we got an extra a la carte portion (S$1.80). The wantons add a nice texture to the noodle dish and the filling is incredibly flavourful. When paired with their signature house-made chilli, you get a burst of flavour unlike any other. Warning–these fish wantons can be really addictive!

Ah Swa Fish Cake

Another unique highlight on their menu is their signature black fish cakes. These fishcakes are also hand-made fresh using 100% fish meat. The mixture is mixed with Chinese 5-spice to create an amplified taste and a gorgeous auburn colour. These unassuming fish cakes are especially tasty when paired with their house-made supreme chilli.

Jb Ah Swa Storefront

While we are huge fans of local fishball noodles, we are pleasantly surprised to find ourselves falling in love with this JB-style bowl of goodness. This is definitely worth a try at least once for its unique flavours and fresh ingredients.

JB Ah Swa Authentic JB Fishball Noodles
#2C Blk 11B Boon Tiong Road #01-15
Bukit Merah Estate
Singapore 163011
Opening Hours: 9am – 3pm (Subject to changes as they are currently transitioning to serve at night as well)
Nearest Station: Tiong Bahru

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