Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen — Deep-Fried Yong Tau Fu In Siglap That’s Worth Every Calorie

22 December
Fu Lin Tou Fu Featured Photo

Teochew yong tau fu is something of a rarity in Singapore with very few stalls that actually sell good ones. Over at Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen all the way in Siglap, you won’t be disappointed.

For the uninitiated, the Teochew style of preparing yong tau fu involves deep-frying the various ingredients as opposed to cooking them in a clear broth. The result is a platter of perfectly fried, golden-brown delights and is typically accompanied either by white rice or a bowl of rice noodles with a minced pork gravy poured over top.

Unhealthy? Yes definitely. But delicious? You’re damn right it is.

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen Interior Exterior Collage

We visited Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen at their original branch along East Coast Road. The shop was nice and spacious and big enough to accommodate large groups of diners.

Here, the cost price of each yong tau fu piece ranges from S$0.40 to S$2. They have your usual assortment of yong tau fu ingredients with some special ones such as their jumbo cheese franks as well as their prawn dumplings.

If you want to add on a bowl of rice it would be an additional S$0.80 and should you decide to instead, opt for noodles, it would be an additional S$1.60 for a normal bowl and S$2.20 for a large bowl.

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen Yong Tau Fu

We waited for about 10 minutes for our yong tau fu to be served to us, but it was well worth the long wait. We were pleasantly surprised when we were presented with this massive plate that chock full of all the ingredients which we had chosen earlier on.

The ingredients were also slathered in a copious amount of thick, rich soy-based gravy that covered each piece of yong tau fu evenly and generously. The sauce adds a lovely robustness to the dish, making the fried ingredients sinfully better.

Fried Dumpling Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen

Each individual piece of yong tau fu is fried to a nice crisp and has that satisfying crunchy texture that we all know and love. Even their hard-boiled eggs were deep-fried!

Cheese Sausage Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen

We also tried their popular jumbo cheese franks which were on the more expensive end of the list (S$2). It was, however, worth every cent; the massive roll of meat oozed creamy cheesy goodness that left us wanting more. More yong tau fu places should sell sausages like the ones here!

Noodle Pull Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen

The noodles, on the other hand, are not your usual bee hoon or kway teow options. Here at Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen, their noodles are a slippery pile of goodness that is drenched in ladles of their fragrant, savoury minced chicken sauce.

Having a bowl of this with a plate of perfectly fried yong tau fu definitely hits the spot!

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen is definitely one of our favourite yong tau fu spots now and we can see ourselves coming back here in the future for more of these sinful plates of yong tau fu. If you have some calories to spare, we highly recommend that you make a trip down here too; we promise you that you won’t regret it!

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen 
721 East Coast Road
Singapore 459070
Daily: 9am – 9pm
Tel: +65 6446 2363
Nearest Station: Kembangan

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