Yummy Takoyaki – Halal Takoyaki Balls Drowning In Nacho Cheese

7 May
Yummy Takoyaki Food

The Japanese takoyaki needs no further introduction—this delightful wheat-based snack can be found at many food stands and Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Given how ubiquitous takoyaki is, it is almost impossible to imagine that a food establishment is able to rise to fame by specialising only in that.

But here comes Yummy Takoyaki—a halal takeaway stall in East Village opposite Simpang Bedok that offers takoyaki with a twist.

Patrons are treated to a straightforward menu offering takoyaki with their choide of fillings but what you really should be looking out for is their premium Cheese Banjir Ding Dong. Imagine freshly-made takoyaki balls drowning in a container of cheese. Yes, this is one for the cheese fans indeed!


Yummy Takoyaki Menu

Yummy Takoyaki offers the standard takoyaki balls where patrons are able to choose among boxes of 5 to platters of 50 that are great for parties and gatherings as well as premium options including Cheese Banjir Ding Dong and Chili Tuna.

Of course, there was no way we could pass up the Cheese Banjir Ding Dong—the one item that made them really popular on social media—which you can opt for your choice of fillings such as octopus, prawn, crab, hotdog and mushroom. A box of 5 goes for S$8 while a box of 10 will set you back at S$15. Otherwise, they also cater for platters of 30 at S$49.


Cheese Takoyaki

To our amazement, the takoyaki balls were fully submerged in a container of warm gooey cheese. The cheese delicious yet nothing exciting nor life changing, just your typical fast-food-style cheese—the ones you would find in a movie theatre served with nachos. Regardless, paired with the takoyaki balls, it did make for one heck of a luxurious experience.

Creamy, cheesy and chewy all in one bite, this combination really does work and makes for a quick, filling and satisfying snack at any time of the day.


Yummy Takoyaki

What we particularly enjoyed about this (besides the gooey cheese) was the generous topping of bonito flakes which provided a secondary layer of umami to the dish. The smokiness from the fried tuna flakes was also a nice touch, elevating the overall experience.

Yummy Takoyaki
430 Upper Changi Rd
#01-03, East Village
Singapore 487048
Tel: +65 9337 9195
Tues to Sun: 12pm – 8pm
Nearest Station: Tanah Merah

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