[Closed] Ye Shang Hai – The Answer To All Your Supper Problems Is In Bukit Merah

30 October
ye shang hai group photo

Ye Shang Hai is not an unfamiliar name among Singaporeans who frequently indulge in supper. For years, they’ve been feeding hungry people—the clubbers, kids who study till late, workaholics, taxi drivers, people with midnight hunger pangs—and they’ve become a haven for comfort food for all the night owls out there.

Ye Shang Hai sells affordable, homemade Teochew porridge that is incredibly satisfying to gobble down. Located near Bukit Merah MRT, the humble porridge stall is extremely accessible and convenient. If you have never tried classic Teochew porridge, this is a great place to go to for your first time.

We warn you though, this place sets the bar pretty high and you may not want to go anywhere else for your Teochew porridge fix after this.


They are tucked away in a coffee shop under one of the HDB blocks but don’t worry, their storefront is not hard to miss—especially not with its massive yellow signboard.

ye shang hai dishes 2

Upon walking into the place, you’ll be greeted by a long counter just filled with dishes. We were definitely spoiled for choice and took quite some to decide on what to eat.

pork belly

The first thing we tried here was the pork belly, which is one of their most popular items. We insist that you get this if you’re here because their pork belly goes really well with the porridge. Outrageously tender and just the perfect sponge to soak up all of that delicious sauce, this is every meat lover’s treat.

We love how the fat to meat ratio here was just nice, so we weren’t left with too much fat or too much meat.

ye shang hai peanuts

Don’t underestimate this humble plate of braised peanuts for they are an essential component ingredient when one eats Teochew porridge. They add a nice, savoury touch as well as a nice soft, chewy texture when eaten with the porridge.

ye shang hai egg

We also tried their meat omelette, which was chock full of juicy pieces of meat. The omelette was nicely charred and had a distinctive wok hei taste to it, giving it a more elevated taste.

ye shang hai tau kee

Their braised tau kee added a really interesting texture to the overall meal, and we love how it soaked up all the sauce. This goes exceptionally well with the braised peanuts!

ye shang hai otah

Finally, we have one of Ye Shang Hais most popular item—their signature homemade otah! Despite looking very ordinary, this orangey delight is anything but typical. Their otah is really moist, fragrant and meaty, and is not too oily or spicy.

Overall, we spent S$19.80 for 3 people, and we could barely finish our food because the portions were too generous. The pricing here isn’t really fixed and they go by estimate, but it shouldn’t cost more than S$10 per person.

If you’re looking for some authentic, classic Teochew porridge, we do hope that you make a trip down to Ye Shang Hai to check them out, especially if you’re feeling a little peckish at 4am. We promise you it won’t be a wasted trip down!

Ye Shang Hai
55 Lengkok Bahru, #01-387
Singapore 151055
Daily: 10.30am – 5am
(Closed on Tuesdays)
Nearest Station: Redhill

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