Win Win Peanut Pancake – S$1 Fluffy Min Jiang Kueh near People’s Park Food Centre

29 April
Win Win Peanut Pancake

Something that many people don’t know about Chinatown is that there are many traditional eats and gems aside from famous Chinese food stalls – Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo and Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao. In this post, we will be reviewing a well-loved local snack, min jiang kueh.

Parked at the block right next to People’s Park Food Centre, Win Win Pancake has been a long-standing min jiang kueh stall in Singapore that my family patronised since we were kids. It has always been one of our go-to places for min jiang kueh and here’s why.

Win Win Peanut Min Jiang Kueh

Just look at that fat and fluffy Peanut Pancake (S$1)! Win Win’s pancakes are definitely on the thicker side, perfect for those who love a good, resistant bite. Taste-wise, their pancakes have a mellow doughy taste as it does not contain eggs. This makes them a wonderful vegetarian-friendly treat.

The fillings make up for it though, which is one of the reasons we love their pancakes. The peanuts are finely grounded, fragrant and mixed with a good amount of sugar that does not overwhelm the pancake with sweetness. The crunchy textures of the nuts and the fluffy batter complement each other really well.

Win Win Peanut Min Jiang Kueh Stack

You can tell from the picture that the batter is well incorporated with air bubbles, resulting in a pillow-like fluffy texture. They had a good bounce while still being easy to pull apart. Remember to request for the edge pieces if you love the crust just like we do!

Warning: You’ll have to be prepared for a mess while eating this. Win Win Pancake is very generous with their peanut fillings, which usually overflow out of the pancake. You’ll get a pile of finely grounded nuts settled at the bottom of the bag, which we will then pour into our mouths as a guilty pleasure.

Win Win Red Bean Min Jiang Kueh

Their Red Bean Pancake (S$1) filling was earthy-tasting, a little sweet and very smooth. The paste did not feel powdery or taste artificial. It was a pleasant and well-balanced concoction that did not feel too heavy on the palate.

Win Win Peanut Pancake

Win Win Pancake only offers the usual three flavours – peanut, red bean or coconut. We were really looking forward to trying the coconut pancake but sadly, the owner said he was only going to make them in the late afternoon as it is not a popular flavour with his regulars.

As you can see, his display shelf is usually empty because the pancakes sell out almost immediately once they are made. He makes his pancakes on-the-spot so you can be sure to get a piping hot one when you’re there. If we were any slower, we would have missed the pancakes multiple times because his customers grab them in boxes.

We also observed that most of his customers were from the older generation, which might be an indication that he nailed the traditional min jiang kueh flavours, right? So head down to try it for yourselves and let us know what you think!

Win Win Pancake
34 Upper Cross St
#01-132 S-11 Coffeeshop
Singapore 050034
Daily: 9am – 10pm (Hours may differ)
Nearest Station: Chinatown

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