Ubi 350 Crispy Roti Prata — Flaky Croissant-Like Prata For Only 80 Cents

8 February
Crispy Roti Prata cover photo

If we had to list down all our favourite local dishes, roti prata would be hovering high among the ranks. Dressed in a plethora of sweet and savoury flavours and perfect for any time of the day, this flatbread is insanely versatile. Not to mention, heckin’ delicious. Can you really hate on flaky crispy dough?

Prata stalls are a dime a dozen. But, we’ve had our fair share of bad pratas. They could easily veer off-track onto the road of thick, doughy and greasy. And in our experience, prata stalls within random coffee shops are, more often than not, disappointing.

So when we heard about a stall at Ubi 350 called “Crispy Roti Prata” dishing out great pratas at super wallet-friendly price points, we headed down in no time. With a name like this, we were hoping to hit the prata jackpot with this one.

Ubi 350 Crispy Roti Prata Stall Front

Helmed by a young Indian couple, Crispy Roti Prata has been in business for over 12 years! This stall is so well-patronised that there’s always a queue at lunchtime, and they’re usually sold out by the end of the day.

Ubi 350 Crispy Roti Prata Dough Uncooked

The attention this stall gets is certainly well-deserving. The husband makes the dough from scratch at 4am daily, ensuring utmost freshness and quality.

We tried out three of their pratas — Plain Prata (S$0.80), Egg Prata (S$1.30) and Plaster Prata (S$1.40).

Ubi 350 Crispy Roti Prata Plain

The Plain Prata was really crispy and draped in an almost croissant-like flakiness. It had a gorgeous, even char on all sides and wasn’t too greasy.

Ubi 350 Crispy Roti Prata with Curry

The fish curry it was served with was tangy and sweet, but the flavour wasn’t as rich as we had hoped for.

Ubi 350 Crispy Roti Prata Egg Prata

Their Egg Prata was decent but didn’t fare as well as the Plain one. The skin lacked the same crispiness and had a slightly denser texture.

Ubi 350 Crispy Roti Prata Plaster

Thankfully, the Plaster Prata saved the end of the meal. The yolk was perfectly runny, despite being left to sit for a while. The runny egg lent a gorgeous creaminess to the crispy prata without sogging it up. We couldn’t stop going back for more. Highly recommended dish.

Overall, we really enjoyed Crispy Roti Prata’s renditions. Although they weren’t out-of-this-world amazing, the super affordable price points had us completely sold. If you’re making a trip down, be sure to get there a bit before lunchtime to beat the steady crowd!

350 Ubi Ave 1
Singapore 400350
Tues – Sun: 6am – 6.30pm
Nearest Station: Ubi

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