The Headless Baker – New Bakery Stall with Tea Cakes, Loaves & Scones in Ghim Moh Market

19 March

While we were roaming around Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre the other day, we chanced upon The Headless Baker, a 2-month old bakery stall run by a father-daughter duo. They had a small display filled with pretty bakes—including tea cakes, loaves and scones—that enticed us and this is probably one of the best discoveries aside from the old-school stalls at this popular hawker centre in the west of Singapore.

The Headless Baker Lemon and Pistachio Tea Cakes

Visually, this is definitely cafe-standard – fancily dressed in drizzles of white icing, grounded pistachios and dark pink flowers. This was what attracted us to the stall in the first place, the Lemon & Pistachio Tea Cake (S$3) – one of the owner’s signature bakes.

The cake was buttery and had a refreshing zest from the lemon that did not overwhelm or taste like detergent. It had a soft and fluffy texture that crumbled easily, with a good amount of moisture.

What was a little disappointing was that the pistachio flavour seemed absent, apart from the sprinkles on the surface. It was really delicious nonetheless, definitely one of the better lemon tea cakes we’ve had.

The Headless Baker Banana Cake

This was our favourite – Banana Tea Cake (S$2). If you’re a fan of Hiap Joo Bakery’s banana cakes, this is one level above that. Hiap Joo’s banana cakes are a little mild in terms of flavour, but this is the opposite.

The Headless Baker Banana Cake Shot

There were robust flavours from the ripened bananas with a honey-like sweetness. It was as fluffy as the Lemon & Pistachio Tea Cake. It was so appetising, we could not stop reaching for more, forgetting all about our diet plans. Seriously, there was nothing to fault about this cake.

A solid 10/10 from us.

The Headless Baker Scone

Imagine, a buttery and crumbly scone (S$2) with dried fruits ladened with sweet strawberry jam. Yum! This was definitely made with good butter – the buttery fragrance hit us on the first bite.

The Headless Baker Stall Front

We got to chat with the owner for a bit as we went back to grab another box of her bakes. She shared that she actually runs an online business and had decided to open up this stall so that she can share her baked goods with not just the tech-savvy younger generations, but with the older generations as well. And she’s succeeding, with her customers being mostly middle-aged and the residents in the area.

We very much enjoyed her tea cakes and scones and just had to share this gem with you. It’s not every day that you find a hawker bakery offering quality bakes at affordable prices. Time to throw the hashtags in, #supportyoungentrepreneurs #supportlocal #supportstartups!

Note: The bakes here are on a rotational basis. Do visit during the weekends for a wider, party-sized selection of pastries.

Blk 20 Ghim Moh Rd
Singapore 270020
Tel: +65 9740 0538
Wed to Sun: 7am – 2pm
(Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
Nearest Station: Buona Vista

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