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The Headless Baker – New Bakery Stall with Tea Cakes, Loaves & Scones in Ghim Moh Market

19 March

While we were roaming around Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre the other day, we chanced upon The Headless Baker, a 2-month old bakery stall run by a father-daughter duo. They had a small display filled with pretty bakes—including tea cakes, loaves and scones—that enticed us and this is probably one of the best discoveries aside from the old-school stalls...

These Lifelike Puppy-Shaped Cakes Are Too Cute To Cut Into

31 August

These realistic-looking puppy-shaped ice cream desserts recently became all the rage after a video of a person cutting into the adorable pup went viral. The trend started in Taiwan, at a café called J.C. Co Art Kitchen that gained a popular following for their adorable puppy-shaped gelatos. If you are looking to jump onto this bandwagon, you would be glad...