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10 Young Hawkers In Singapore Whom You Should Support

5 September

While we lament about the dying hawker trade in Singapore and the gradual demise of even ice cream push carts since ice ball sellers disappeared decades ago, passionate Singaporean youths have been entering the scene. Albeit a small community, they are new blood that we respect for taking up the hard work and long hours that comes with the job along with...

Patisseries Vine – Artisanal Macaron Shop In A Zi Char Stall Run By A 20 Year Old

12 January

Tucked away in an odd corner of a local Chinese eatery, along rows and rows of shophouses and coffee shops, it’s almost way too easy to miss this unassuming shop, even if you’re actively looking out for it. A humble display cabinet placed outside a glass window kitchen is the only indication that it’s there. At the age of 20,...

Bowl Chap – These Ex-Tippling Club Cooks Impress With Their Modern Rice Bowls

19 October

If you’re the kind that’s pretty bo chup about what to have for lunch the next day, Bowl Chap sounds like the place for you. Conveniently located at Ayer Rajah Food Centre, Bowl Chap serves up modern, localised Japanese rice bowls, all for less than S$6! Before you even step up to the counter, the sweet-faced couple is already full...