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Nice Snack Corner – A Heaven In Yishun For Cheap & Yummy Laksa, Popiah and Dessert

11 December

For all those of you who think that Yishun is a place where only the odd and the distasteful happens, be prepared to be proven wrong.  Sure enough, just beside Northpoint City, you’d find a quiet HDB area that’s home to a plethora of eats at perhaps some of the most affordable prices ever. While they’re also famous for Blk...

Ping Kee Popiah – A Must-Visit Popiah Stall In Upper Thomson For A Snack

16 October

If you’ve already checked out our Sembawang Hills Food Centre guide, you’d know by now that Ping Kee Popiah is one of the biggest mainstays there, serving up homely popiahs and kueh pie tees. Helmed by an extremely amiable couple, they’ve been serving the same great popiahs for many years now. We ordered two Popiah (S$1.50 each) as well as...

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House – DIY Popiah Buffet At S$18++ On Weekends

7 July

Popiah is popular local snack made up of a thin, paper-like crepe wrapper that is filled with braised, julienned vegetables as well as other toppings such as boiled eggs, prawns and crisps followed by a dash of garnishing. It is not difficult to find popiah around Singapore—be it coffee shops or eateries, you wouldn’t face many troubles when it comes to satisfying...