Ping Kee Popiah – A Must-Visit Popiah Stall In Upper Thomson For A Snack

16 October
Ping Kee Popiah Kueh Pie Tee

If you’ve already checked out our Sembawang Hills Food Centre guide, you’d know by now that Ping Kee Popiah is one of the biggest mainstays there, serving up homely popiahs and kueh pie tees. Helmed by an extremely amiable couple, they’ve been serving the same great popiahs for many years now.

We ordered two Popiah (S$1.50 each) as well as a plate of Kueh Pie Tee (S$3 for 4). We got to watch the uncle lovingly prepare the popiah on the spot, with a generous slathering of sauce and fillings.

Ping Kee Popiah Popiah

The ingredients used are extremely fresh. Filled with crunchy bean sprouts, eggs, grounded peanut and plenty of braised turnip, it made for a myriad of textures playing on the tongue and created a familiar and satisfying mouthful. The finely grated turnip was much sweeter than the usual popiah mix, but we found them equally, if not more delectable.

With such a generous serving of filling, the skin was extremely sturdy and held all the sauces and ingredients without turning soggy or tearing apart. 

Ping Kee Popiah Kueh Pie Tee

The kueh pie tee itself was also filled with the same sweet braised turnip mix and topped off with eggs. These little cups of goodies reminded us of a treat akin to a savoury Reese peanut butter cupcake and we popped them into our mouths one after another.

Even though we left the kueh pie tee out for a while and the crusts were no longer as crispy, they still provided a satisfying crust that held the ingredients together well.

Ping Kee Popiah

While it might not be the best popiah in the whole of Singapore, we did feel that it was definitely among the better ones, if not the best within the Upper Thomson and Sembawang area. The simple and comforting taste would definitely have us returning again should we find ourselves in the area anytime soon.

You don’t have to worry about long queues regardless of time as this couple are rather efficient and quick in wrapping your orders. The lady boss at the stall is always extremely friendly and ready with a smile, making the waiting time feel like it passed by in a flash.

Ping Kee Popiah
590 Upper Thomson Road
#01-32 Sembawang Hill Food Centre
Singapore 574419
(Closed on Fridays)
Sat to Thurs: 11.30am – 8pm
Nearest Station: Ang Mo Kio

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