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Da Xi Hainanese Chicken Rice — Superb Hainanese Chicken Rice In Tanglin Halt Market

14 May

If there’s one dish that we could eat every day without getting sick of it, it would probably be Hainanese chicken rice. What’s not to love about silky chicken and fragrant oiled rice? Not only is the combo downright delicious, you can basically find it in every nook and cranny of our island. It’s not rare to find two stalls both...

Tanglin Halt Market’s Delicious Duck Noodles with Long Queues Daily From 5am Onwards

2 April

Filled with traditional eats and old-school hawker stalls, Tanglin Halt Market is one for the early-risers, with businesses opening as early as 5am – a possible breakfast option for those who club till late after all the dancing. Apart from the famous Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodles, Delicious Duck Noodles at Tanglin Halt Market is another popular stall that attracts...