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[Closed] Lai Xing Cooked Food – Delicious S$2.50 Kway Chap To Try At Hainanese Village Food Centre

15 September

If you’ve ever had a craving for some good and yummy hawker food that is under S$3, you’ll probably find a couple of hidden gems tucked away at the Hainanese Village Centre, which includes the mother-son duo kway chap specialists who run Lai Xing Cooked Food. Lai Xing Cooked Food at Hainanese Village Food Centre is known for their super...

Chai Chee Kway Chap – Solid Kway Chap At Only S$3.40 You Must-Try When In Bedok

6 November

One thing that many of us Singaporeans love to indulge in is some good-old kway chap. This sinful yet satisfying dish is a popular favourite that is sold at multiple hawker centres all over Singapore. Despite looking so simple, a dish like kway chap is not easy to prepare. It requires a lot of tedious preparation such as proper cleaning of...

12 Best Kway Chap Stalls In Singapore For The Offal Fanatics

19 September

Kway chap is a simple yet classic dish that is loved by many Singaporeans as a breakfast or supper item. It consists of a steaming bundle of braised pig innards alongside a bowl of flat rice noodles topped with fried shallots in a savoury broth. Of course, there are other variations that feature the likes of duck meat, braised tofu,...