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8 Places To Challenge Your Friends To A Mala Duel

15 August

Singaporeans love spicy food and it is evident from the fact that the mala trend is still going strong, with no signs of it fading out anytime soon. Call it sadism or just pure insanity but spice lovers just seem to love the pitting themselves up against some of the spiciest of foods. And no matter how torturous it may...

How To: Order Ma La Xiang Guo Like A Pro

25 January

Making headlines and sprouting out in hawker centres and food courts all around Singapore, ma la xiang guo is a delicacy that has evidently won the hearts of Singaporeans. A common staple in Sichuan cuisine, this mouth-numbing stir-fry comprises a wide variety of fresh ingredients that diners are able to pick out for themselves. Intimidating as it may seem with...