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7 Local Hawker Dishes That Epitomise The Term “Wok Hei”

21 September

If you are a Singaporean, let alone Chinese, and you still don’t know what the term “wok hei” refers to, then you need to buckle up and read this article because you are missing out on some very important information. In Chinese, the term wok hei translates to, “breath of the wok”, which might sound dramatic (as all Chinese sayings...

Ghim Moh Fried Carrot Cake — One Of The Best Carrot Cakes You Can Get Your Hands On

16 March

During our food quest at Ghim Moh Food Centre, we chanced upon the highly-raved Ghim Moh Fried Carrot Cake. Search online for the best few carrot cakes in Singapore and ‘Ghim Moh Carrot Cake’ will surely appear. Many make a trip down specifically for this mouth-watering plate of goodness. Enticed by the aroma of freshly-fried carrot cake, we hopped on the...