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8 Oyster Omelettes In Singapore So Good You Wouldn’t Just Want Them As Side Dishes

6 February

Fried oyster omelette, or as the locals call it, orh ah jian, is a savoury dish that you can easily find in hawker centres all over Singapore. Juicy, fresh oysters atop a bed of crispy egg batter fried to perfection, this delicacy is definitely hard to resist! The ingredients of oyster omelette are always the same, so what makes each of...

Bedok 85 Fried Oyster Omelette – Amazing Orh Luak Available Until 2am Daily

11 January

Occupying two units in the renowned Bedok 85 Fengshan Centre, Oyster Omelette is one that sees immense crowds the minute it opens until closing. Dishing out a wide variety of local delights such as char kway teow and carrot cake, the stall is best known for their oyster omelette that is gooey, crispy and creamy all at the same time. This...

Hock Kee Fried Oyster – Traditional Wet Orh Luak You Probably Won’t Find Elsewhere

7 September

Fried oyster omelette, or better known as ‘orh luak’ amongst Singaporeans, is a savoury dish that you can easily find in hawker centres all over Singapore. Crisp on the outside and slightly sticky and starchy inside, who would have thought that this version that most of us have had for years isn’t actually the traditional version that was served back in...