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TOP 1 Home Made Noodle – Flavourful and Comforting Fish Soup At Beauty World

18 August

There is nothing better than a warm and flavourful bowl of fish soup. For most of us, fish soup is a go-to meal when we hit the food court or hawker centres during lunch break. This is a dish that we know we definitely can’t go wrong with. Top 1 Home Made Noodle is one of the first stalls that...

Sin Ho – Seriously Good Har Cheong Gai and Fish Soup at Bedok North Hawker Centre

28 July

Walking into Bedok North Hawker Centre in the evening, it’s so deserted you might think that the whole place is closed. Only a couple of stalls are opened for dinner and one of them is Sin Ho. Serving fish soup in the day, the stall transforms into a Cantonese zi char at night. While we were there, Sin Ho had...

Han Kee Fish Soup – This Fish Soup From Bedok Is Anything But “Plain”

16 March

Hawker food has a reputation for being oily and unhealthy, but that isn’t always the case. Offering you a guilt-free, protein-packed meal, sliced fish soup is one dish that offers unmatchable comfort and a mild flavour. For the uninitiated, fish soup is a dish comprising light fish soup broth with vegetables and of course, sliced fish (usually Batang or Grouper). This...