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Leng Kee Fish Soup — Ultra Rich And Satisfying Fish Soup At Bukit Timah Food Centre

11 July

Bukit Timah Food Centre is well-known to be a food haven for foodies. We know people who would travel across the island to this humble food centre just to indulge in the goodies that they have to offer. If you’re looking for a healthier option to tuck into here at Beauty World Food Centre, we recommend Leng Kee Fish Soup for...

Han Kee Fish Soup – This Fish Soup From Bedok Is Anything But “Plain”

16 March

Hawker food has a reputation for being oily and unhealthy, but that isn’t always the case. Offering you a guilt-free, protein-packed meal, sliced fish soup is one dish that offers unmatchable comfort and a mild flavour. For the uninitiated, fish soup is a dish comprising light fish soup broth with vegetables and of course, sliced fish (usually Batang or Grouper). This...

Tai Seng Fish Soup – A Fish Soup Gem In Ubi That’s Worth The Long Wait

6 March

Fish soup is a bowl of warmth to have after emerging from your cold office during lunch break. It’s a change from having jook (congee) every day when you’re sick with a sore throat. You know if you’ll be back for it if you like the fish, the broth, or both. But sometimes, what elevates a fish soup as a gem are the non-essential ingredients...