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Chuan Qee — Hidden Xiao Long Bao Gem In Tai Seng That’ll Make You Forget All About DTF

13 February

Hawker stalls that sell la mian and dumplings that actually surpass our expectations are a dime a dozen. Not saying that we expect restaurant-standard dumplings wherever we go but at the very least, ones that come with a modest amount of tasty filling and cooked to perfection—be it boiled, pan-fried or served in chilli oil. Fortunately for us, a little harmless...

Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao – Restaurant-Standard Xiao Long Bao In Chinatown Complex

8 January

Xiao long bao is something that everybody enjoys. It is just so incredibly satisfying to break the dumplings thin, translucent skin to reveal its succulent, tender fillings as well as watch all that warm soup spill out of it. After we’ve had one, we usually find it hard to stop snatching more and more of these juicy dumplings. Over at...

Xiang Yuan Ji – Drool-Worthy Shanghainese Pan-Fried Dumplings At Jalan Besar

30 August

The Shanghai expats here in Singapore have been raving about this Shanghainese eatery for ages, saying that this place sells Shanghainese food that is just as good as the ones they get back at home. It is hard to find authentic Shanghainese food in Singapore, so we knew that we just had to go down and see how good this place...