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Lau Phua Chay Authentic Roasted Delicacies – ‘Black’ Char Siew & Roast Pork at Alexandra Village Food Centre

18 August

The combination of any kind of roasted meat and rice is one of those go-to meals we look for when we want an unpretentious yet satisfying meal. At Alexandra Village Food Centre, one of the star stalls that dishes out roasted meats is Lau Phua Chay Authentic Roasted Delicacies. Lau Phua Chay Authentic Roasted Delicacies is popular for their black...

Foong Kee Coffee Shop – Roast Meats So Good You’d ‘Kee Siao’ Over It

17 September

Foong Kee Coffee Shop is one of the best Chinese roast meat stalls in Singapore. It’s a rather unassuming coffee shop at first glance, but when you take that first bite, you’d understand why the queues don’t ever seem to disperse till lunch hours are over. If that wasn’t enough of a testament to how good their roasts are, perhaps...