Shun Quan – A Hidden Gem For Silky Smooth Tau Huey

13 February

Affectionately known to the Chinese as “Dou hua” or “dòufuhuā“, this popular Chinese snack/dessert has a long history – it can be served warm or chilled and is typically served in a sweet syrup and can be commonly found in food centres about Singapore. However, few places do the dish justice–its texture and consistency needs to be perfected (not to firm nor too mushy).

There are many “top 10 lists” with stores who have earned their stars but if you are a self-proclaimed “tau huey connoisseur”,  you should head to Shun Quan–a humble store located in Hougang’s Hainanese Village Centre (or Lorong Ah Soo Market) at Blk 105.

Lorong Ah Soo Shun Quan

Shun Quan is an unassuming drinks stall that serves other beverages and toasts but believe it or not they do serve up a (very) comforting bowl of tau huey. The people operating the stall were 2 very friendly elderly ladies who met us with warm smiles and we immediately felt very at home.

Lorong Ah Soo Shun Quan Tau Huey

We ordered a bowl of their Tau Huey (S$0.80). At first slurp, the Tau Huay glided down our throats. It had a silky-smooth texture which was addictive, making us go for another spoon.

You may choose to give your bowls an added dimension by adding ginko nuts for texture or almond essence for more flavour. We chose ginko nuts which gave it a nutty taste. The syrup wasn’t too sweet either, making the bowl of soy beancurd a light and refreshing delight. The only gripe we had was that they do not serve a chilled option.

If you want something chilled, the soy bean drink (S$1.10) is a good alternative–the perfect thirst-quencher.

We didn’t have much expectations for this store but we left with satisfied tummies. It was indeed a, very, comforting tea break.

Shun Quan 
Blk 105 Hougang Ave 1
#02-38 Hainanese Village Centre
Singapore 530105
Nearest Station: Serangoon

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