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10 Underrated Traditional Chinese Dessert Spots In Singapore You’ve Never Heard Of

15 July

Cakes and ice cream can vie for our attention all they want. But at the end of the day, there’s always something special about a warm bowl of tau suan or creamy yam paste. Traditional Chinese desserts are (quite literally) one of the sweetest ways to get a taste of nostalgia.  They’re ubiquitous, affordable and so darn’ delicious. Most of us...

Shun Quan – A Hidden Gem For Silky Smooth Tau Huey

13 February

Affectionately known to the Chinese as “Dou hua” or “dòufuhuā“, this popular Chinese snack/dessert has a long history – it can be served warm or chilled and is typically served in a sweet syrup and can be commonly found in food centres about Singapore. However, few places do the dish justice–its texture and consistency needs to be perfected (not to...