Rice Bowl Hero – Grilled Lobster Rice Bowl & Sous-Vide Food In A Coffeeshop

9 January
Rice Bowl Hero

Hawker stalls serving premium ingredients at affordable prices are all the rave now and Rice Bowl Hero is the latest F&B initiative that has jumped onto this bandwagon. Nestled within the Bukit Batok district, Rice Bowl Hero has been gaining attention among residents of the west and the young on social media for their innovative menu and restaurant-standard cooking methods in a coffee shop setting.

Rice Bowl Hero’s stellar rice bowls are topped off with all sorts of sinful goodness—think Grilled Lobster, Squid Ink Spaghetti and other innovative dishes prepared sous vide-style you probably would never imagine a coffee shop stall to have on its menu.

Alternatively, diners can also opt for their “Cup Noodles” series where you get mouthwatering spaghetti served in old-school enamel mugs. Apart from the star Grilled Lobster, all other meal options are affordably priced below S$10, which makes it a decent lunch or dinner spot for those who are living nearby.

Rice Bowl Hero Chicken Satay

Rice Bowl Hero adopts the sous vide method of cooking to ensure that each individual ingredient from their various protein options is cooked to perfection. Take their Chicken Satay (S$7.80) rice bowl for instance that turns a typically dry piece of chicken breast into something moist and delightful.

Making their satay gravy from scratch, we must admit that although it may not rank as high as those from proper satay stalls, it still possessed the iconic peanut and spicy flavours. Tasty yellow rice forms the base with shredded onions and cucumber and an onsen egg at the side.

To be frank, this may not be the most visually appealing bowl of food around, but the taste does remind us of satay. Our only wish was that their egg was made a little runnier.

Rice Bowl Hero Squid Ink Spaghetti

Served in a cup, their Squid Ink Spaghetti with Sambal Squid (S$9.80) is an interesting dish to have should you choose not to have rice. Considering that it is a stall within a coffee shop, we were surprised that the serving of calamari was generous.

Taste-wise, the dish was spicy with a certain sour taste that surprisingly went well with the aromatic squid ink pasta, but quirky appeal aside, we think we would much rather have our pasta served in a plate as eating it from the cup was rather messy.

Rice Bowl Hero Stall

Rice Bowl Hero
Blk 323
Bukit Batok Street 33
Singapore 650323
Mon, Wed to Sun: 12pm – 9pm
Closed: Tues
Nearest Station: Bukit Gombak

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