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Rice Bowl Hero – Grilled Lobster Rice Bowl & Sous-Vide Food In A Coffeeshop

9 January

Hawker stalls serving premium ingredients at affordable prices are all the rave now and Rice Bowl Hero is the latest F&B initiative that has jumped onto this bandwagon. Nestled within the Bukit Batok district, Rice Bowl Hero has been gaining attention among residents of the west and the young on social media for their innovative menu and restaurant-standard cooking methods...

10 Eateries in Singapore That Serve Sous Vide Food Under S$15

21 November

Most methods of cooking have been around for hundreds of years and new techniques of cooking rarely come along, but sous vide cooking is one of the exceptions. The key to obtaining consistent results in cooking is easily done by sous vide (pronounced “sue-veed”). Sous vide means “under vacuum” in French, which refers to the technique of vacuum-sealing the food...