Nerdy Noodles – Singapore’s First Ever Hong Kong Cart Noodle Eatery Opens In Bugis+

2 November
Nerdy Noodles Collage

Opened less than a month ago, Nerdy Noodles is Singapore’s newest addition to the slew of Hong Kong-style dining concepts. What sets Nerdy Noodles apart from the other HK-style dining concepts here in Singapore is that their menu focuses primarily on cart noodles—a popular hawker street food that originated in Hong Kong in the 1950s.

Known to be Singapore’s first ever eatery to specialise in authentic Hong Kong cart noodles, what you can expect here is a menu that is fully customisable to your liking with prices starting from S$8.80++. Here’s what you need to know about this new eatery in Singapore.

Nerdy Noodles 1

Nerdy Noodles features a menu that is entirely customisable—diners get to choose their noodle type, soup base as well as additional toppings to make up their own bowl of Hong Kong-style cart noodles.

We had our Thin Egg Noodle with Signature Spicy Curry Soup (S$5) topped with Pork Knuckles (S$2.50), Marinated Pig Intestine (S$3) and Curry Fish Balls (S$3)—a combination we’d highly recommend if you are looking for something hearty and robust.

Nerdy Noodles 2

While the toppings we picked were slightly bland on their own, the spicy curry soup more than compensated for that.

Unlike the typical curries that we’d find in Singapore, Nerdy Noodles’ rendition was savoury and clear with a hint of spicy kick. The thin egg noodle and curry soup was a pairing that we thoroughly enjoyed and it was truly the saving grace of this dish.

Nerdy Noodles Central Boy

Next, we ordered up a serving of the Central Boy (S$8.80++)—the dish closest to those you’d find in typical cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong.

It came with Nissin noodles in a clear chicken soup topped with 2 huge pieces of radish, luncheon meat and a sunny side up egg—a combination we must admit is hard to go wrong. However, we felt that the clear chicken soup could do with more flavour as it was too light for our liking.

Other items on their fixed set menu include Tai Koo Boy (S$9.80++), Mong Kok Boy (S$9.80++) and Yuan Long Boy (S$11.80++).

Nerdy Noodles Menu

Overall, Nerdy Noodles has its own hits and misses but since every bowl is customisable with a wide variety of options to choose from, we reckon that there is surely something to suit everyone’s palates.

Nerdy Noodles Interior

Nerdy Noodles
201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ #04-09
Singapore 188067
Tel: +65 6636 5889
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Bugis

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