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Nerdy Noodles – Singapore’s First Ever Hong Kong Cart Noodle Eatery Opens In Bugis+

2 November

Opened less than a month ago, Nerdy Noodles is Singapore’s newest addition to the slew of Hong Kong-style dining concepts. What sets Nerdy Noodles apart from the other HK-style dining concepts here in Singapore is that their menu focuses primarily on cart noodles—a popular hawker street food that originated in Hong Kong in the 1950s. Known to be Singapore’s first...

10 Iconic Street Foods To Try When In Hong Kong

14 September

Known as a gourmet paradise, it’s no wonder there’s no such thing as dieting when in Hong Kong. The varieties of street food are endless as the road stretches on and on and little pushcarts and stalls line the sides of them. From savoury soupy bowls of noodles and offals to convenient little snacks like curry fish balls and intestines,...