Mei Mei Roast – Tender Charcoal-Oven Roasted Meat Run By Ex-Owner of Kay Lee’s Younger Sister

7 February
Mei Mei Roast Cover

We love our roasted meats; roasted duck, roasted pork, char siew, you name it. It is a type of food that is appropriate regardless of occasion; it could be a simple lunch, a dish we add into our Chinese New Year feast or part of our Christmas platter.

It is a simple, yet hard to do-it-right kind of dish because it requires good techniques to roast them while retaining juices within the meats. The right amount of time, proper control of heat and know-how on retaining the moisture of the meat are important elements in roasting meat.

We went down to Mei Mei Roast, which is a stall run by the younger sister of Kay Lee Roast Meat’s ex-owner who ventured out on her own in 2003 to set up her stall within Ubi’s Industrial Park.

Mei Mei Roast Platter

We ordered a Roast Platter (S$22) which comes with roasted duck, roasted pork and char siew for 3 pax and frankly speaking, the portion seemed a little too small as compared to the price. Visually it looked really appealing though, the colours and glistening surfaces of the roasts, we were so excited to dig in!

Mei Mei Roast Siobak

A good siobak (roasted pork) is definitely one with a real crunchy, crackling skin that will give you that satisfying crick-crack when you bite it down. However, Mei Mei’s siobak was unfortunately not as cripsy as we had hoped for.

The skin seems to be on the thinner side which might explain why the textures we were looking for were not present. The meat to fat ratio was good, but the ends were slightly too salty.

Mei Mei Roast Charsiew

The char siew was lean, sweet, it was coated with a thick layer of honey. We were impressed with how tender the pork was, especially for such a thick-cut. Normally, char siews tend to be slightly tougher in texture and cut into thin slices where you can barely chew on anything. For those who enjoys char siew with thick fats, this char siew might not be your favourite.

This, however, had a good bite to it and was cut into a good bite-size. Though said to be bad for the body, we did wish that there were more charred parts for some additional textures and flavours because what is char siew without the char?

Mei Mei Roast Roasted Duck

We gotta say though… the roasted duck was a-ma-zing! Extremely tender, probably one of the most tender roasted duck I’ve had thus far and did not taste gamy at all.

It had a good meat to fat ratio, the fat underneath the skin was not too thick or too chewy that it gets stuck to the duck’s skin, making it hard to break down. The juices of the duck were seen flowing out as we picked up every piece. The whole duck was evenly roasted and was consistent in texture, this was our favourite amongst the three for sure!

Can we just say that the white jasmine rice served was al dente and super delicious because the grains were well separated and it is the perfect type of rice to pair with roasted meats.

Mei Mei Roast Stall Front

You also get to enjoy free-flow cabbage soup that is self-serviced at the stall front which often runs out quickly.

All in all, the roasted duck was definitely the best roast meat out of the three and we would make a trip down to Mei Mei Roast just for the duck alone. We think that the selling point of Mei Mei Roast is the fact that the meats were all so tender and cut in thicker bite-sized chunks.

Blk 3024 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408702
Tel: +65 9820 8391
Mon to Fri: 10am to 5pm
Sat & Sun: 10am to 3pm

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