Garden Street Kway Chap – One Of The Best Kway Chap Stalls in Singapore

9 October
Garden Street Kway Chap Cover Photo

Kway chap is one of those classic, Singaporean staples that all of us love. Nothing beats a piping hot, hearty bowl of kway and succulent pork belly slices to fill our growling tummies! Though this dish may seem ordinary, it takes a lot of effort to prepare this tedious but well-loved meal.

Kway chap stalls might be dime a dozen now, serving less-than-mediocre standards, but we have found a place that truly captures the essence of this Teochew dish — Garden Street Kway Chap at Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre!

There is a perpetual queue at this popular stall every day and you can easily spot it from afar.

Garden Street Kuay Chap Set

We ordered their signature kway chap (S$4/1 pax). The set came in a generous portion of components ranging from peanuts, pork belly, innards, egg and tau pok. Beautifully braised in a savoury dark sauce, the ingredients were all packed full of flavour.

What we love most about Garden Street Kway Chap is they thoroughly clean the innards and there’s no stench. The tau pok would ooze gravy when we bit into it, making it all the more delectable — though the tau pok was slightly on the tougher side. Our favourite was the pork belly slices, which were tender and juicy. It also had a well-balanced meat to fat ratio.

Garden Street Kuay

The kway was silky smooth with just the right amount of thickness and had a springy texture. The ambrosial soy broth was the star of the show — it was light on the palate with a slight herbal taste. It was incredibly robust and chock full of flavour.

Garden Street Kuay Chap Exterior

We highly recommend Garden Street Kuay Chap at Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre! This is one of the best kway chap stalls in Singapore to visit if you are looking for a comforting kway chap meal.

Garden Street Kuay Chap
49A Serangoon Garden Way
#01-21 Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre
Singapore 555945
Tel: +65 9001 7844
Tues to Sun: 8am – 3pm
(Closed on Mondays)
Nearest Station: Serangoon

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