Cui Xiang Yuan – Visit This Salted Egg Yolk Gem Before It Moves To Indonesia

25 April
Cui Xiang Yuan Restaurant Collage

From popular zi char establishments to the most secluded coffeeshops around Singapore, there is no stopping us from sussing out the best spots for our beloved salted egg chicken rice. Sure, we’ve tried our fair share of the stuff and had some great ones as well as some pretty disappointing ones but the hunt continues.

Stumbling upon a rather secluded coffee shop along Cambridge Road, we discovered Cui Xiang Yuan Restaurant, a humble zi char stall that serves up mouthwatering zi char delights as well as rice and noodle one-dish-wonders—but more importantly was the fact that they had a variety of salted egg yolk dishes available too!

Having been in business for quite awhile now, the owners have decided to embark on a new venture outside of Singapore—more specifically in Surabaya, Indonesia. As such, all their remaining stalls in Singapore are set to close for good at the end of April 2018, or specifically, at the end of this week.

If you’re a hardcore salted egg yolk fan or simply someone who digs hearty zi char, be sure to make a trip down to Cui Xiang Yuan Restaurant before it closes for good—t-minus 5 days.

Cui Xiang Yuan Sweet & Sour Pork

A medley of vibrant colours and textures, the Sweet & Sour Pork Rice with Egg (S$5.50) comes filled to the brim with saucy and porky goodness. The pork chunks are crisp with a nice chew to it and are evenly drenched in their house-concocted sweet and sour sauce.

The sweet and subtly sourish qualities make it the perfect pairing to go with rice but what we also enjoyed besides the delicious pork is the variety of fresh bell peppers and onions that not only made the dish visually appealing but provided a nice crunch too.

Cui Xiang Yuan Salted Egg Chicken

With the spice of the chilli, the savoury qualities of the curry leaves and the salted egg yolk sauce intertwining together to give us one heck of a mouthwatering dish, we must say that their Salted Egg Chicken Rice with Egg (S$5.50) hit the spot. It may not be life-changing but for what it’s worth, we thought it was executed pretty well.

The chicken was tender and crispy and the salted egg layer was generous and flavourful. Our only gripe was that the fried egg served on the side was rather disappointing. Pathetic beyond words, the egg was overdone to the extent that it was totally brown on the outside and the yolk itself was a tad too chewy for comfort.

Cui Xiang Yuan Salted Egg Sotong

We had high hopes for the Salted Egg Sotong Rice with Egg (S$6.50) given how delighted we were with the chicken alternative to this dish but our expectations soon met with a quick demise as the sotong tasted stale. Either it was overcooked beyond the state of palatability or it just was not fresh, to begin with. Either way, a disappointment.

Cui Xiang Yuan Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Spicy, zesty with an apparent hint of lemongrass, the Tom Yam Seafood Soup (S$5.50) is something worth getting if you fancy something with a kick. The initial mouthful guarantees a cough, especially with all those intense fiery qualities rushing down your throat at once but after it mellows out, the soup itself is pretty tasty.

The ingredients that go into this huge bowl comprise tofu, squid, mushrooms, fish slices as well as a few pieces of prawn. All in all, a good accompaniment to our meal—once all the intense, sweat-inducing spices die out.

Cui Xiang Yuan Menu

Cui Xiang Yuan Restaurant
43 Cambridge Road,
Singapore 210043
Tel: +65 9237 4545
Daily: 4pm – 3am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

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