What You Need Not Pack for Your Travels

3 May

Ever found yourselves flabbergasted from last minute packing and struggling to decide who should make it into the oh-so-limited space of your luggage? At this point of time, every cubic centimetre count, and you have to be really wise about what will make the cut.

A lot of times, we realise we brought a lot things that we don’t really need. And that means lots of unnecessary “space wastage”. That is why our packing checklist is so important – not just what we need to bring, but what we actually need not pack in.

From books, toiletries to anything else you label “I might need this”, here is a checklist on What You Need Not Pack for Your Travels.

Travel book

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Download the soft copy versions of your favourite autobiographies, books, magazines, novels and whatnot into your iPad or kindle. Maximise your gadget and you will be saving so much more luggage space. We all know how crazily heavy a few books could weigh!

Bright clothes

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Let’s be honest – you are only going to wear that colourful printed tee (or something equally loud) just once or even never – and that is a total waste of baggage space! As opposed to basics that you will definitely re-wear in different styles, those loud pieces don’t really deserve a space in your luggage – unless you have ample of space, or that piece is symbolic of your travel in a way or another.


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Because honestly you can sleep in literally everything or even without absolutely anything. Give your shirt, shorts and/or dress another purpose and make full use of all your belongings!

Also, we strongly encourage sleeping in the buff. Here are 8 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked.

Regular Wallet

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Your regular wallet will probably be full of cards and whatnot that you won’t be able to use during your travels anyway! Make an effort to change your wallet and bring along only what you need – ID, driving licence and credit cards are perhaps the only documents you would need in your travel wallet.


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We do not mean you ditch your entire collection of creams altogether. What we mean is to take only the right amounts you actually need! Forget about bringing the entire bottle(s) of moisturiser and whatnot. Instead, store them in mini jars. You should also ask for travel-size or sample bottles when you make your purchase (of full-size ones), because more often than not, the stores would have them.

Travel toiletries

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We know how important conditioner, body wash, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste etc are. But these commodities could also be easily purchased in miniature versions at most convenience stores worldwide. Save yourself the hassle and make some space by only buying them upon arriving your destination. Or just use whatever the hotels provide!

Travel Flatlay

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We end up with lots of things that we don’t even need during our travels! It is that half-convinced mindset that you might actually wear/use them that you end up with many unnecessary items. They could be the extra cap, headphones, magazines or running shoes. You know best what you cannot live without, and what can be missed for a few days that you are overseas.

Choose wisely what goes into the luggage and what can be left at home.

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