Wen Guang – S$3 Handmade Fish Ball Noodles Worth Traveling To The West For

21 August
Wen Guang Jurong West

One local dish that many Singaporeans are unable to resist is Mee Pok which is commonly sold in hawker centres around our little island. We recently came across Wen Guang, a humble Mee Pok stall nestled in Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre that offers a delicious bowl of Mee Pok for only S$3.

What makes Wen Guang stand out is the fact that all their ingredients are handmade. That means the fish balls and fish cakes you find in your dish are not the typical processed food found in many other hawker stalls.

For those who live in the west of Singapore, this is one stall you have to check out.

Wen Guang

Those who do not understand Chinese should look out for unit number #01-25 when you arrive at the market as the stall does not have an English name.


Apart from Mee Pok Dry, you also get other choices such as Kway Teow Soup, U Mian Dry, Meatball Soup and Fish Dumpling Soup. Prices range from S$3 to S$5 for all dishes, depending on the portion size you would like to order.

Wen Guang Mee Pok


Our Mee Pok Dry came in a generous portion for only S$3. Those who enjoy spicy food will love how unique their chilli paste is—there is a charred taste to it which is not usual of the typical Mee Pok noodles. Besides that, the springy noodles are absolutely tasty because they have been tossed with pork lard which makes it sinful, but so good.

Wen Guang Mee Pok Soup


Diners also get a piping hot bowl of soup filled with handmade fish balls, fish cakes and a meat ball stuffed with bits of vegetables. It is a comforting companion to the dry noodles and we enjoyed every mouthful of the flavourful soup.

Wen Guang
505 Jurong West Street 52
#01-25 Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre
Singapore 640505
Nearest Station: Lakeside

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