Warung K—Indonesian Food That Will Impress Even The Most Discerning Of Taste Buds

13 June
Warung K Collage

Helmed by Chef Ken—an ex-chef at The Fullerton Bay Hotel and Pan Pacific Singapore—Warung K is a hidden gem in Pioneer that specialises in charcoal-grilled Indonesian cuisine.

Upon hearing that Warung K’s chef was an ex-chef at the hotels for 18 years before opening his own stall, we couldn’t help but pin high hopes on the food prior to our visit. Yet despite our high expectations, we were blown away by the divine flavours brought to us by Warung K.

Warung K Action

The chef grills his ingredients on the spot, giving each dish a smokey, charred aroma that provided the dish with a whole other dimension of flavours. Just the intense aroma from the grilling was enough to arouse our appetites.

Warung K Mushroom Raja

First up, we had Mushroom Raja (S$6). For those who are wondering how good mushrooms can possibly get to actually evolve to become a dish on its own, this is the one dish that you have to try as it will change your impression of mushrooms.

Marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce, the mushrooms were bursting with flavours upon each bite. Plump and juicy with an appropriate amount of char—the Mushroom Raja is a dish that will leave a lasting impression.

Warung K Ikan Bakar

The Ikan Bakar (S$7) is one of the signature dishes featuring a sizeable piece of fish atop the turmeric rice—the type of fish varies daily according to what is fresh each day, so you know you get only the best and nothing less.

The fish we had was nicely glossed with a sweet and spicy Indonesian sauce. Peeling the fish open revealed moist and succulent flesh and we were impressed by how it remained juicy even though we left it out for a while.

Warung K Ayam Bakar

The Ayam Bakar (S$6) is a favourite amongst visitors. The huge chicken had a crispy skin thanks to the charcoal-grilling but the chicken meat beneath it remained tender and succulent, while the sweet and spicy glaze only served to elevate the dish further.

Warung K Exterior

Just a dish alone was enough for us to tell that no effort was spared into preparing each and every plate. Every single element was well-thought and made with care—from the lawar salad to the sambal chilli to the fragrant turmeric rice, we sang nothing but praises for the dishes at Warung K. Spice lovers can be prepared for a treat because their fiery chilli really packs a punch!

Warung K is a place we would find ourselves returning to. You have to give this place a shot if you are in the area.

Warung K
5 Soon Lee Street, Pioneer Point
Singapore 627607
Mon to Sat: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Sundays
Tel: 92700770
Nearest Station: Pioneer

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