5 Different Types Of Budget Dinners For A Cost-Effective Christmas

13 November

The festive season is around the corner and one of the biggest events of the year has to be Christmas. Yes, many of us are already counting down the number of days to our annual Christmas feast with loved ones and friends. Those who are hosting the Christmas dinner party this year should have started planning for it.

While Christmas dinners are often thought to be expensive and over-the-top, we beg to differ; it is actually pretty simple to host a Christmas party even if you are on a tight budget and there are many ways of doing it. If you are running out of ideas on how to host an amazing Christmas party without burning a hole in your pocket, this is where our guide will come in handy.

Here are 5 Different Types Of Budget Christmas Dinners.

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It is possible to go ahead with a traditional Christmas dinner without breaking the bank. All you need is better time management and start preparing for the feast ahead of time. Do your planning and shopping before Christmas so you can spread the cost of Christmas grocery shopping over a few weeks.

Not only will this be easier on your wallet, you can also ensure that you get all the ingredients you need before they run out due to high demand.

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If the usual festive dinners prove to be too costly for you, it is time for plan B. Swap all your table highlights including turkey and beef for less expensive meat such as roast chicken and duck. Besides that, consider making mash potatoes instead of buying roast potatoes for sides.

Do not be pressurized into thinking that certain food items are a must-have for your Christmas party. All these are just traditions passed down from earlier generations and it really is up to the host to decide if he or she wants to have it. In fact, you can even choose to go Singaporean-style and have a local food party.

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A potluck party is basically when everyone in the group brings a dish or two in order to split the cost amongst more people. The host will usually get everyone to share what they are intending to bring to the party so that there won’t be a clash.

This is when good organisational skills come to play so there is a good balance of mains, beverages and desserts for dinner.



Instead of dining at fancy restaurants, opt for takeaways instead. Most of the time, hotels and restaurants offer their festive menu at lower prices for takeaway items.

That being said, purchasing takeaways does not mean that you are limited when it comes to choices because the wide range of options includes homemade pastries, luscious turkeys, all sorts of ham and the ever-popular log cakes!

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If you have an interest in cooking, all the better! Channel your inner MasterChef and try your hand at whipping up a festive dinner instead of spending a bomb when you cater or buy pre-cooked ingredients.

Do your grocery shopping at supermarkets such as Giant and Sheng Siong, where you can get value-for-money ingredients without feeling the pinch.

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