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Ho Seng Kee – Is The Famous Wanton Mee In JB Worth A Try?

8 November

Wanton mee is a Cantonese noodle dish that is widely enjoyed by both Malaysians and Singaporeans. Foreigners who make a trip to either one of these countries often make it a point to try this classic dish when they are visiting. What many people may not be aware though, is that there are different versions of wanton mee served between...

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Durian—The King Of Fruits

17 November

Photo Credit: Year Of The Durian Talk about the King of Fruits to those living in Southeast Asia and they will immediately know that you are referring to durians. Widely known for its distinct aroma and flavour, durians are an acquired taste—you either fall in love with it at first bite or stay as far away from it as possible. Those...